Holiday Art

It’s December, and this time of year we usually do cheerful art projects that have something to do with the Holidays. Click on an image to see it full size and view pictures in a slideshow.

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Stained Glass: Pieces of her brain

One of our students, Lauri, did stained glass projects in her life before her brain injury. In recent months she has returned to working with glass as a therapy to regain thought processes and skills that once came more easily to her. Each of these pieces represents many hours of painstaking work. Her artistry shines […]


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Spotlighting New Artwork

It has been several months since we have shared artwork in this space. We are very pleased to spotlight the following examples of work done by students since then. This post does not include all the wonderful drawings we have received from students. We will share more of them in future posts. Click on a […]

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Art potpourri

Since somewhat less than half of our program students (December, 2021) are currently able to come on campus due to continuing COVID-19 protocols, we primarily rely on the ability of most students to take photos or to scan their artwork and send it in.  Most photos arrive as phone picture images, although a few arrive […]

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How our faces have changed!

Somewhat more than a year ago, the class worked on a project to draw a self portrait. This Fall we have revisited the idea with a twist. The current project was to draw a self portrait with big eyes, a more abstract concept. The challenge was to still make the finished picture evoke the artist. […]

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Trees and More!

At the end of our summer session, we experimented with a silhouette tree on a drawn mosaic background. Students produced some lovely efforts. When On Track started back in session after the brief Summer break, we began a more complex landscape project where one element was added each week in class. It began with a […]

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Halloween Themes

October is the month of Halloween, so we worked on some projects with suitable subjects. There’s something about the spirit of this particular day that inspired everybody to create their best spooky effects. We hope you enjoy them! Click on any image below to see it full size.

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Branching Into Landscapes

In Art class over the past year, we have done projects of various subjects, explored different styles and experimented with pencils, ink, markers and paint . Here are some of our landscape efforts for your enjoyment. Left to right and top to bottom, the following artwork is by Alma, Quint, Jonathan and David.

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Another Day at The Veranda

Our last Summer outing of 2021 took place on July 7th back at The Veranda shopping center in Concord, California. Those attending were students Alma, Keilani, Glen, David, Sharon, Christine B., Ernesto, Mauricio and Tommy. and staff Cami, Bev, Kat (not pictured) and Dana. The weather was perfect–not hot and with a nice, cool breeze! […]

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